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"I am over 18/I am legal to read NC-17 materials"

My Journals:

[community profile] polarisgraphics - This is my graphics community over on Live Journal. I'll be the only one with posting access except people can respond to my posts. I started the graphics journal for my Babylon 5 icons. I've branched out into Harry Potter icons and making icon offerings to members. Drop on over there and see if you might be interested in becoming a member :)

[profile] whitestar_alpha - This is my personal journal on Live Journal for fun stuff and whatever else strikes my fancy.

[community profile] whitestar_fics - This is the fic journal on Live Journal where I'll be posting my collection of Harry Potter fics. I may even post reviews of favorite stories there, I haven't decided yet. Be warned! This journal contains fic ranging from G thru NC-17. If you aren't old enough to to read adult literature in your state or country, do not become a member of this community.

Whitestar - My Insane Journal for when LJ goes wonky, and for viewing all the great Harry Potter art and fanfic.

Whitestar - My Dreamwidth Journal

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